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Intrinsically safety High power LED flashlight

Model No.︰DFL-04
Brand Name︰-
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Product Description
Applicable occasion:
It is applicable not only for electrical company/military/police/fire company/boatyard etc industries, but also for patrol, overhaul, emergency event etc tasks.

Reliability: The shell is made from aluminum material for aeronautics and is numerical   control machined. The surface is coated electrolytically with oxide. It is robust and  highly resistant to shock and vibration
Safety: It is compact ,dustproof and waterproof; the battery is auto-protected if it is  over charged or discharged;
Energy saving: High efficiency of semiconductor devices that convert electricity  to light can save 70% energy compared to traditional light source based on the same brightness;
 Economic: Long life-span , minimized maintenance hassles and costs (no need to  replace bulbs and no any maintenance cost);
Environment consideration: Lithium battery ,green and environment protected, no  memory and low possibility to discharge by itself.
Convenience: Small, light and fashionable .It is easy and comfortable to hold it by  hand or ware it in haunch
Uniqueness: White light with high brightness, tender and clear, stroboflash. It can transmit signal between long distance.

Specification datas:
  • Light source: 3 watt 180 lumens LED,
  • LED lifetime: 100,000 hours,
  • Lighting degree: more than 6000 Lux for strong light, more than 2000 Lux for soft light
  • Battery rated capacity: 2000mAh
  • Battery rated Voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery lifetime: 1000 cycles
  • Discharging time: more than 3.5 hours for strong light, more than 12 hours for soft light.
  • Charger input voltage: AC110-240V, output voltage: DC4.5V
  • Dimension: dia 34.5*138mm.
  • Unit weight: 186g, (battery included)
  • Ex mark: Exib II CT4
  • IP classification:  IP66
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