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KL5LM(B) cord LED cap lamp, miner's lamp, safety lamp, 15000-20000 lux

  • KL5LM(B) cord LED cap lamp, miner's lamp, safety lamp, 15000-20000 lux
  • KL5LM(B) cord LED cap lamp, miner's lamp, safety lamp, 15000-20000 lux
Model No.︰KL5LM(B)
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰500 pc
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Product Description

The improved KL5LM(B) LED Li-ion Cap Lamp is the brightest and lightest cord cap lamp,  it adopts the Li-ion battery technology and advanced LED technology with special designed reflector .
The KL5LM(B) is not only much smaller and ergonomically designed for wearer more comfortable than the traditional lead acid cap lamp, and they are one third of the weight of lead-acid battery cap lamp, at only 0.55kg.
The use of li-ion technology also removes numerous hazards associated with the use of lead acid style batteries. Unlike traditional lead acid batteries, li-ion contains no dangerous chemicals or heavy metals and requires no maintenance such as topping up of acid.
The KL5LM(B) significantly reduces cost of ownership with no requirement to replace bulbs and a service life three times longer than lead acid batteries. The cap lamp is also intrinsically safe and CE Certified (EN60079-0:2004, EN62013.1:2002, EN50020:2002, EN50033:1991) for use in explosive atmospheres.  The cap lamp is designed to withstand the harshest underground conditions and is manufactured from impact and temperature resistant Makrolon plastic material.
The full charged KL5LM(B) will provide more than 15 hours continuous lighting. 
To prolong the life of the cap lamp battery, the Li-ion battery has an over-charge and over-discharge protection system that will automatically cut off the circuit to protect the battery from being over-charged or over discharged. 
The main light LED of KL5LM(B) is American CREE LED, which can gives more than 150 lumens output, and the lighting degree is 15,000 to 20,000 lux at full lighting time (tested with 1 meter away from the lamp head)

Product Features:

Safety: Contained in a sealed battery case, the product has a short-circuit protection, LED light head lamp and anti-static housing which makes it explosion proof, waterproof and dustproof. The miner's lamp is ATEX Certified for use in explosive atmospheres such as coal mines.

Reliability: Tough housing, optimized design, a solid LED light that uses high efficient IC drivers guarantee the product is durable and strong. The durable Li-ion battery has an over-charge and over-discharge protection system to protect the battery from over charging or over discharging. The cap lamp is suitable for operation under harsh mining conditions.

Portability: Small in size, light in weight, ergonomically designed, maintenance free, simple charging, easy operation. The cap lamp has received praise from many miners and major mining companies.

Efficiency: LED light provides bright, clear, white light. The lighting degree is 15000-20000lux (at a distance of 1m). The quality of the light is maintained throughout the entire discharge cycle which lasts up to 15 hours. The battery has a life cycle of 1000 charges and discharges.

Environmental: The cap lamp is made from environmentally friendly Li-ion battery and other non hazardous materials. The KL5LM(B) is an environmentally friendly product as per RoHS Directive.
Size: 76x31x79mm(size of the Li-ion battery), 0.55kg

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